Here’s my story as a performer and teacher…

Growing up, I had felt invisible in many ways, often feeling like I was on the outside looking in and not included in the game.

I was lucky enough to discover at an early age that where I felt most at home was on stage. The magic of really being seen and the creativity that came from being up there felt natural to me. I felt most like myself there.

Unfortunately the teen years and beyond are harsh for many LGBTQ+ folks like me whose sparkle is far from celebrated. In many cases it was ridiculed, threatened or as often happens, treated as non-existent. I didn't feel safe being who I was so I became invisible.

With such a big part of my personhood being hidden, it no longer felt safe to be seen by people on stage even though the deep longing to return was always there.

My professional career began as a criminal defence lawyer working in court every day swiftly followed by returning to the stage, performing to thousands of people as an actor. I became a skilled professional artist yet that creative magic from childhood was missing. There were moments, but they were elusive at best.


Then I met a teacher who gave us the opportunity to go back to basics I never knew existed. We stood up in front of a group of people and isolated the experience of raw energy that happens when people really see us. I was taken to another realm that day. I didn’t know it at the time but as people gave me the gift of their attention, I felt the fundamental energy that is the creative force behind all profound stage and screen performances: Audience Energy.

What followed was a 10 year journey of becoming more and more visible in the world and understanding how to channel the live audience energy that went with that into creative forms. I did this through getting up there myself as a performer and a teacher and teaching others to do it.

Thanks to the amazing mentors and experience I’ve had over the years I learned the alchemy of working with the mind, body and voice from the neurobiological level up. I learned the art form of making the invisible, visible.

Feeling invisible all these years had become a superpower because I was now aware of the unseen magic behind all epic onstage performances. A magic that had been there all along, waiting to be noticed. I then started to notice what conditions need to be created for the magic to happen in a repeatable, on-demand way. 

The elusive hidden gem of bringing the formless into an authentic, beautiful form was now in my box of treasures. After years of working with this I’ve now created a map to find this treasure through the Emergence Framework. A map that allows you to create, over time, a path well travelled, grooved in on the neurobiological level. Because when change happens there, it happens everywhere!

This is how I found the real life magic that had been there all along if only I could've noticed it. Now it’s a faithful companion of mine, sometimes it needs to be coaxed in different ways and yes, like everyone I miss the mark from time to time but I’m now hitting the mark often, living a meaningful life and have a great career as a coach and teacher who works with audiences that I LOVE. Being a witness to your Emergence is profoundly meaningful for me and one of my life’s greatest callings to date. And at times I get up there and do it myself as a performer when the calling harks my name.

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